Melina Almanza is interested in becoming a sports agent or a detective.  To attain either of these goals, she would like to attend Central Washington University. To go to college, she is hoping to earn many scholarships to help her parents with her education. Milena’s family and she bond over sports, talking and relating over the games.  Sports are very important in her life because it helps her to make friends.  She watches baseball, football and basketball game and goes to any game to support her family, friends and to increase her knowledge which could help her in the future. Milena looks up to her sister Dulce.  Her sister has accomplished so much in s short amount of time and continues to improve herself. She was first in family to graduate high school, she also graduated from college with two Bachelor degrees while planning a wedding in final year of college.  Melina enjoys giving a smile to everyone feeling it could bright someone’s day and make them happier with a positive vibe.


Faith Duffy wishes to attend Juliard at Lincoln Center in New York City. If she does not get into Julliard, she plans to attend Running Start Program to attain my AA at Centralia College.  Music relaxes her and if she feels stressed, doing paper work etc., then you pick up the instrument and let the stress melt away. Faith likes to read a lot, Dracula, Little Women Harry Potter being a few ofher favorites.  She also likes to sketch and paint, and singing. Faith does not look up to any particular person.  He reason is “because if I look u to that person, I would want to do exanctly what they do and you never know what kind of actions they do could do for you in your future to come.  I believe you should look up to yourself. Faith likes the way the tenth tenant inspires her to be to large for worry, anger fear and keeps you focussed on the positve since ther should be nothing standing in the way of your goals.

Emily Heppe plans to attend the Running Start program during high school, but is not sure which college she wishes to attend be it Washington State University or Central Washington University for education. University of Washington or Seattle University for a degree in law.  She does plan to enter college as soon as she graduates.  Her goal is to become a teacher, receive her Bachelor’s degree and work her way to a Master degree. Possible even going on to a PhD. Emily likes to spend time with family and friends, go on YouTube, play the violin or piano, sing, read and write.  Emily was involved with Girl Scouts.  Mr. Churchill, her math teacher is a very kind and caring person. He cares about each individual student by staying after school as long as he can just help them out.  He also takes his time ensuring that everyone understands what he is talking about

Optimist Clubs are dedicated to "Bringing Out the Best in Kids" and do their part through community service projects. 


Sofia Hinojosa in interested in becoming a Veterinarian or Zoologist.  She would start her education at Centralia College for a two-year degree, then transfer to Evergreen State college for her BA and finally get her masters at UW. Sofia finds sports to be very important to her.  She feels you always need to be active and it helps to clear her mind at the end of the day.  Having the thrill of letting go and have fun relaxes her and allows to let go of the day’s issues. Sofia volunteers to do planting, stream team, local animal shelters, library, school events and other events in the community. She idolizes Rosa Parks as a role model because “she stood up for what she believed even when people told her she was wrong.”

From Left, Monique Connors, CCOC President, Melina Almanza, Emily Heppe, Satine Sas, Adam Rosales-Reyes, (hidden) Rebecca Demaris, Regan Kane, Faith Duffy and Sofia Hinojosa. In Front, Izabella Shortridge, Student of the Year, with Emma Ball.


Adam Rosales-Reyes has two careers that interest him . Working in the DEA or CIA.  He has not determined which college he would like to attend to achieve these goals. Sports are important to him because he hopes to attain a scholarship.   He likes to play soccer.  It keeps him close to his family. Teachers inspire him to do his best. They believe in every student and tell you to do your best no matter what. He also likes the 10th tenant of the Optimist Creed.  Adam feels it makes you look forward  and not backwards to some of the worst darkness in life.

Chehalis-Centralia Optimist Club


Rebecca Demaris would like to be a soccer coach for teen girls or a middle school teacher.  Her reason for teaching or coaching this age group is Middle School can be very challenging. She feels she could help them with family, friends and school problems because she can relate with this. Rebecca really likes soccer, reading and writing in her spare time. She writes poems and narratives, most of which are scary stories. Helping people seems to make her happy, even though she is not sure quite why. There are two people she looks up to. One is a teacher she TA’s for. She treated her like family and was always there if she needed her. The other person was also a teacher she had for two years. He shows his students how much he cares by making them laugh and teasing them.  He helps to provide his students with items they may need if their family is not able to afford them. She likes the tenant that says, “To forget about the mistakes of the past, and press on to greater achievements of the future”.


Satine Sas is interested in WNBA and a middle or high school history teacher. She would like to attend UW because she could play basketball and get a history degree and still be close to home.  Satine likes to play board games with her family, playing basketball outside, reading books and listen to music.  She is currently playing basketball and in choir. Satine’s history teacher, Mrs. Winkle inspires her.  She sparked her interest in history by making it fun. Mrs. Winkle gave different activities to do while making the lesson fun and enjoyable instead of sitting in class listening to her talk all day. The 9th tenant, “to give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have not time to criticize others.”  It stood out to her because there is always room for improvement even when you are the best at what you do. Because you may be more advanced in a skill doesn’t mean you have to criticize another student or player.  You should improve too.


Regan Kane plans to go to Centralia Community College.  She is not sure exactly what she wants to be, but wants to help people. Possibly Teaching or nursing. Regan thinks sports are very important because they teach teamwork and staying physically fit.  She can see herself planning or coaching sports throughout her entire life. She also loves art and has two water color paintings that are used as cover art for eBooks.

Congratulations to all our 2016-2017 
Centralia's Student's of the Month
Students of the Year.​

  All students were chosen by their schools Administration, Staff and Teachers and attended our meetings. They received a gift card for different fast food restaurants, a magazine telling them about Optimist International and an invitation to participate in Optimist International’s Essay contest which is put on every year.  This Essay contest affords them the chance at $2500.00 to $6,000.00 scholarship to the school of their choice.  The ability to enter can be found at www.optimist.Org under scholarships. 
The Students of the Year each received a $500.00 Scholarship to go to any advance education of their choice, be it ITT, MIT, College or other trade school.  This is a seed for some of them to let them see how it grows.  To attain their educational ambitions.
     These individual pictures were taken each month the student appeared before our club.

                                            Izabella Shortridge is the Student of the Year.


I​zabella Shortridge has two occupations in mind. Either an attorney or a criminal investigator.  Her dream schools are either The University of Washington or the University of North Carolina.  Harvard is a huge goal in her life but wants the college experience before attempting Harvard. Izabella spends most of her free time reading and writing.  She reads many different books from an amateur book app and even writes her own books to add to that app. In WE day club, she helps arrange dates to volunteer at the animal shelter, spend time with the elderly and planting trees. During summer, she volunteers at the Centralia Timberland Library to encourage children to get involved with reading and “hopefully find a love for it like I have.  The persons I find inspiring are Alessia Cara and Grace Vanderwall.  Alessia Cara has a genuine passion for writing meaningful songs, even at her young age.  Grace Vanderwall does not take her fame for granted and is very humble. Izabella’s favorite tenant is “To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.” “Your own success will have a lot more meaning to you if you know that you full heartedly care about the success and wellbeing of others around you!”